BrainNetCNN Publications


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Downlod PDF NeuroImage 2017 paper:

Jeremy Kawahara, Colin J. Brown, Steven Miller, Brian G. Booth, Vann Chau, Ruth Grunau, Jill Zwicker, and Ghassan Hamarneh. BrainNetCNN: Convolutional Neural Networks for Brain Networks; Towards Predicting Neurodevelopment (Brown and Kawahara: Joint first authors). NeuroImage, 146(1):1038-1049, 2017.

Downlod PDF ISBI 2018 paper:

Jeremy Kawahara, Colin J. Brown, and Ghassan Hamarneh. Connectome Priors in Deep Neural Networks to Predict Autism (Kawahara and Brown: Joint first authors). In IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (IEEE ISBI), 2018.